Idaho International Choral Festival
Idaho International Choral Festival

Sing The World Together

"Sing the World Together" is a musical composition written especially for the Idaho International Choral Festival. This song is performed by all choirs, as the finale of the Gala Concert, at all of our Festivals

2006 Sing the World Together, Gala Concert, Stephens Performing Arts Center

2008 Sing the World Together, Gala Concert, ISU Holt Arena

2008 Local Media Festival Highlights

Sing the World Together

Music by: Dr. Randy Earles * Lyrics by: Lisa Horton

We come together,
different minds
Yet all alike in heart.
We sing the world together;
Our song must have a start.
So we are the beginning:
The first note ringing, strong!
Our voices from around the world
Prove all of us belong.

Sing, sing diversity
Give voice to all who hear.
Sing, sing the unity
And share it far and near.
Celebrate humanity, individuality!
Speak, every heart out loud!
We sing the world together
Our voices blending, proud!

Our words of hope and unity
With joyful melody
We sing the world together
In peaceful harmony.
Each one of us provides a note,
Contributes to the sound,
Just as each nation’s mighty voice
Gives strength to those around.